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Kathleen Kennally
Phillip and Laura Aviotti
Kortnee Kalbever , Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
Jennifer Hollis , Anthem, Inc.
Jeff Grooms
Kathleen Kennally
Wade Timmerman , AAA Business Systems
Wade Timmerman , AAA Business Systems
Presley and Jo Melton
Ashley Johnston
Margaret Powell
Ronald Routh
Terry and Karen Masching
Rick Fleetwood
Mike Hocutt
Jack and Mary Beth Caldwell
Kenne and Cathy Ketcheside
Kristi Barton
Jen Hollis
Jeffrey Allen
Brant and Kimberly Snell
keith and Kirsta Nigro , Snell
Tim Ezell
Mike Moore
Dave Graf , Friday Firm
Kim Pruitt
Chad Gardner , Benefit Concepts
Bill and Paula Gray
Lee and Peggy Muncy
Bobette Leggett
Bob and Nancy Miller
John and Lindsey Schafer
Carol Bajorek , Sue Smith Vacations
Harry Weissenstein
David Westbrook
Scott Sanders
Missie Smith
Beverly Russell
Kenneth Grooms
Clay Sanders , Cottingham & Butler Insurance Services
Richard and Alison Nicholas
Nicole Wilson
Lacee Brown
Tommy Goucher , United Methodist Men of Maumelle
Ashley Hubbard
Shawn Jungmeyer
Carol Slattery
wade timmermann , AAA Business Systems
Vince Insalaco
Christine Benson
Michelle Elliott
Charlene Ort
Mark and Kate Cameron
Amie Wilcox
Katie Thomas
Christian Baker
John and Penny Burkhalter
Katie Hargis
Adam and Jill Fogleman
Dr. Arnessa Bennett
Jason and Amber Richart
Rebecca Lamb
Jamie Scott
Cathy Lamb
Claire McClellan
Kerina Goucher
Royce Duncan
Monika Rued
Melissa Hendricks
Wade Timmerman
Glinda Craigmyle
Pamela Lenhart
Ryan Flynn
Linda Barnes
M. Christine Allen
Wade Timmerman
Donna Strack
Kathleen Kennally
Debbie Grooms
Jeff Shaneyfelt
Paula Gray
Jerry & Patricia Green
Richard and Yvonne Zachary
Laurie Osborne
John and Sarah Sulieman
William Mabrey
Camille Moriau
Chuck and Elaine Jones
Rita Hogan
Jim Mitchell
Ryan Flynn
Ryan Flynn
Ryan Flynn
Ryan Flynn
Wade Timmerman , AAA Business Machines
Jeff Shaneyfelt
Jamie Cobb
Ellon Cockrill
Benjamin Moore
Wade Timmerman , AAA Business Systems
Melissa Mulholland , Elevance
Bob Russell
Norman Clifton , Clifton Warehouse Leasing, LLC.
North Little Rock Jet Center
John Gaudin
Susannah Scruggs Jarratt
Danny E Bradley
Karen Afams
Karen Afams
Erika Abram , Snell
Erika Abram , Snell