Education Post-Secondary

UA Pulaski Tech 3D Program

UA-Pulaski Tech 3D partners with AEDD to offer young adults with developmental disabilities post-secondary education and preparation for employment through its certificate programs that develop skills in the areas of culinary arts and hospitality.

Classroom and laboratory (kitchen) instruction are offered to teach pre-employment skills, which leads to certification in a variety of culinary and hospitality functions. Instruction in critical thinking skills, independent functioning, and professionalism needed in the workplace are also part of the curriculum. Classes involve instruction, hands-on lab practice, individual planning and coaching, along with student mentoring.

The 3D program is completed in eighteen months and students earn a certificate in basic hospitality, plus optional certificates in areas of specialization. Students may take longer than two years to reach their desired level of certifications, depending on their career interests.

3D is a tuition-based program with a variety of funding streams available to applicants for tuition reimbursement. We are able to bill Medicaid for some adult development services provided, and scholarships are also available.

After graduation, AEDD provides supportive employment services for each graduate to ensure they are placed in competitive employment and are successful in the field of culinary arts and hospitality. Our staff, who work with students at the Culinary Institute during the school year, also provides job coaching during the summer after graduation. The staff understand culinary arts, and more specifically the student’s strengths and weaknesses, so this is an effective way to ensure successful job placements and fast transitions into community employment.