Fifty Years... and Counting!
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Since 1971, AEDD has relied upon our incredible Board, staff, sponsors, donors, patrons and volunteers to provide support and services to the developmentally disabled.
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Join our '50 years for 50' Campaign and help us raise $50,000 dollars to support AEDD programs and services.

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Imagine the doctor telling you your child has been born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a genetic disease causing bones to be so brittle they can break just from a slight touch. Now imagine that in addition to caring for a child with a disability you face major challenges when it comes to providing the optimal care and education they need. Here is a story of a family who when through this and received the support they needed from AEDD’s preschool, Sammie Gail Sanders Children’s Learning Center…watch Jaci’s Story.

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